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Tips from the Clinicians

Tip Number 1:  Use visualization to improve your daily functioning.  Before going to work, school or out to participate in athletic performance events, try a five-minute visualization session on your own: 
  • Simply lie down, take two or three deep breaths, then close your eyes and either imagine or visualize your upcoming event.  Seeing the day of work before your day begins will assist you in remaining more calm and relaxed.  It will help make your day better and improve your actual performance.  
  • By presenting the picture to the brain, you have already provided a road map for the day.  Our brains cannot tell the difference between what happens and what we imagine or visualize.
  • By presenting this picture we preview the situation ahead of time and it's as if we have seen the events already.  It's like a rehearsal for the play, a practice session, or a re-enactment and that's what helps make all the latter turn out better. 
Tip Number 2:  Anti-Depressant for Every Day!  No matter what your day has planned (or unplanned) for you, a dose of the following will help:  each day remember to GIVE  YOURSELF something you are looking forward to - no matter how small it might seem - i.e., seeing your partner at the end of the day, watching your favorite TV show, etc.

Doing so on a daily basis releases Serotonin for the brain, much like anti-depressant medication.  To make this a habit, do it for six (6) consecutive days  You will feel the results!


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